Resident Evil Movie The Story Behind the Red and Black Umbrella Logo

Resident Evil Movie The Story Behind the Red and Black Umbrella Logo


The umbrella logo is actually a reference to the Umbrella Corporation, a fictional pharmaceutical company that serves as the main antagonist in the Resident Evil universe. The corporation is responsible for the creation and spread of the T-virus, a deadly virus that turns humans into zombies.

In the Resident Evil movies, the umbrella logo is prominently featured on the uniforms and equipment of the corporation’s employees, as well as on the packaging of their products. The logo is meant to evoke a sense of authority and professionalism, while also hinting at the corporation’s sinister motives.

The design of the umbrella logo itself is simple yet effective. It features a red and black color scheme, with the letter “U” in the center surrounded by an umbrella shape. The use of the color red is often associated with danger and warning, while black is often used to represent power and authority.

The umbrella logo has become so iconic that it has been used in various forms of media outside of the Resident Evil franchise. It has been featured on t-shirts, posters, and even used as a design element in other movies and video games.

1. Introduction

The Resident Evil movie franchise has become a cult classic among horror and sci-fi fans. One of the most iconic symbols of the series is the red and black umbrella logo. But what is the story behind this logo? In this article, we will explore the history of the logo and its significance in the Resident Evil universe.

2. The Origin of the Umbrella Corporation

In the Resident Evil universe, the Umbrella Corporation is a pharmaceutical company that is secretly involved in genetic engineering and bioweapons development. The company’s founders, Oswell E. Spencer, James Marcus, and Edward Ashford, were all members of a secret society known as the Progenitor virus. They used the virus to create powerful bioweapons, including the T-virus, which caused the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City.

3. The Meaning of the Logo

The red and black umbrella logo is the symbol of the Umbrella Corporation. The red color represents the danger and violence associated with the company’s bioweapons. The black color symbolizes the secrecy and corruption that the corporation operates under. The logo is also a nod to the company’s origins as a pharmaceutical company, with the umbrella representing protection and shelter.

4. The Logo in the Movies

The red and black umbrella logo has appeared in all of the Resident Evil movies, including the most recent installment, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. In the movies, the logo is prominently displayed on the uniforms and equipment of the Umbrella Corporation’s agents and soldiers. The logo is also featured on the walls and doors of the company’s facilities.

5. Conclusion

The red and black umbrella logo is a symbol of the danger, secrecy, and corruption that define the Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil universe. Its appearance in the movies has helped to establish the iconic status of the franchise. Despite the end of the movie series, the logo will continue to be a reminder of the horrors that lurk within the world of Resident Evil.

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